We buy homes from people when the property needs no updating, minor updating or those that need full “gut rehabs” that require major construction. That includes both houses and condos.

Why To Consider Selling Directly To An Investor

  • Generally, there are no inspection contingencies from the buyer – it is sold AS IS
  • You as the seller will not have to order city, county or other inspections nor pay for repairs
  • Most investors, including us, have no financing nor appraisal contingency, no house sale contingency
  • Under most circumstances there are no broker commissions, zero title fees, zero lender fees
  • You don’t need to prepare the home to be put on the market nor schedule any showings
  • You as the seller have the option to leave personal belongings – a bit less stress when you don’t have to pack, clean or do repairs
  • The actual closing occurs much faster and often with a higher probability

3 Reasons You Would NOT Want To Sell Directly To An Investor

  • If your property’s price range is clearly showing “extremely high buyer demand”
  • You may be able to invest a small amount in your property and see high returns
  • Even though there is a commission when you hire a REALTOR, they may be able to net you more than if you sold to an investor

When Should You Contact Us?

What If It Is Not My House / What if I find one?